Amritsar’s Sweet Delights | 15 Famous Desserts in Amritsar

Amritsar’s Sweet Delights | 15 Famous Desserts in Amritsar

Best Desserts in Amritsar

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If you are looking to add some new traditional desserts to your food list, then Amritsar is the place for you. You will find a wide variety of the best street food to eat in Amritsar. As you can see, the word Amritsar is derived from two words, Amrit (Nectar) and Sar(Pool); so, as its name says, there is a pool of sweetness lying in the hidden streets of this city. The best dessert in Amritsar not only includes enormous restaurants but also street or local food markets. You can also go through a local food walk with us during which you will find some amazing sweet delicacies to eat in Amritsar. 

So let’s have a look at the list of best sweet dishes you can eat in Amritsar!

1. Kada Prashad:

Kada Prashad Best Spiritual dessert in Amritsar

On number 1, we have the sacred Kada Prashad, which is served at Gurdwaras. This sweet and hot savory dish is a favorite for the Sikhs. It is among the best foods to try in Amritsar. It is prepared with a blend of wheat flour, desi ghee, sugar, and a particular ingredient, which is the love and devotion that the volunteers have during its preparation. The Kada Prashad holds religious significance in the history of Sikhism as it was made by the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Thus, it is included in the most famous desserts in Amritsar.

2. Jalebi:

Jalebi best sweet dish in Amritsar

On number 2, we have the crispy and curvy Jalebi! This is another hot dish found among Amritsar’s street foods. It is enjoyed not only in Amritsar but all over India as it is a beloved Indian sweet. If you didn’t try this, you wouldn’t have experienced Amritsar at all. The cook, known as ‘halwa’, makes the Jalebi using all-purpose flour baking soda and corn flour, later dipped in sugar syrup to give it a burst of sweetness in every bite. It is one of the excellent street foods in Amritsar and surely earns its spot on the Best Desserts in Amritsar list.

3. Lassi:

Amritsari Pede wali lassi, Best morning dessert in Amritsar

How can we leave this one out? The widely famous Lassi of Amritsar. This iconic beverage of the city is known for its sweet taste and the quantity it comes in. It is rich in flavor and creamy in texture. The lassi has several variations, such as mango flavor, spicy, and pede wali lassi. Some of the best places in Amritsar to enjoy this cold beverage are Gian Chand di Lassi and Ahuja Milk Bhandar. Enjoying a refreshing glass of lassi in the heat of Amritsar is an experience to have. Due to its sweet and vibrant taste, it is one of the Best Desserts in Amritsar.

4. Malpua:

malpua best sweet snacks in Amritsar

Just imagine pancakes dipped in sugar syrup. I know, right? Well, that’s Malpua for you. Made from flour, milk, khoya, and sugar, it is then fried to perfection to give it a crispy crunch. The best and final step is dipping it in sugar syrup and then serving it hot. It is unquestionably one of the best street foods in Amritsar, which is why it’s on the list of best desserts in the city.

5. Phirni:

Phirni, Best cold sweet snacks to eat in Amritsar

On number 5, we have the creamy, tasty Phirni, which is made from ground rice, milk, and dry fruits to give a healthy twist to the sweet dish. It can be served both hot and cold, depending on your preferences. This street food in Amritsar is an underrated but fantastic dish that is significant in the celebrations and festivals of Punjab. The aromatic spices used in the making of this dish can actually be tasted with each spoon of Phirni. This tasty and taste-bud satisfying dish has to be on the spot of Best Desserts in Amritsar.

6. Pinni:

Pinni, Best winter dessert to try in Amritsar

Ah yes, The Pinni. Something that every person in Punjab has had in their life, and so should you. This ladoo made using desi ghee, Jaggery, and a whole lot of dry fruits is more than enough to give you the energy to roam the city and the streets of Amritsar. This recipe is passed down from generation to generation and is primarily made in the winter months to keep your body healthy and warm from the inside. It might not be the most appreciated, but it is one of the Best Desserts in Amritsar.

7. Bhugga:

Bhugga desserts to eat near golden temple

A traditional Punjabi sweet made from wheat flour, sugar, and ghee, this ladoo-shaped sweet often has a dry fruit on its top and an enticing aroma. It is one of the best local street foods in Amritsar and can be smelled from far away. It has a crunchy texture, and the hint of cardamom really elevates its flavors. Being sweet and crunchy, it checks its boxes to get on the Best Desserts list in Amritsar.

8. Aam Papad:

Aam Papad, veg dessert in Amritsar Punjab

Taking a slight detour from just sweet, Aam Papad is a tangy-sweet dish made from mango pulp. The pulp extracted from the skin of the mango is then mixed with sugar and Jaggery to make it sweeter. The process ends with drying it in the sun and finally serving it. This dish is known to give an eye twitch sometimes due to its tangy flavor, which is why it is on the list of Best Desserts in Amritsar. Lubhaya Ram Aam Papad Wala at Lawrence Road Amritsar is the best place to try this delicacy. 

9. Amritsari Kulfa:

Amritsari Kulfa, best ice cream to eat in Amritsar

Our first frozen dessert on the list, Amritsari Kulfa, is a sweet, tasty dish, much like ice cream. It comes in a classic kulfi shape or a modern twisty shape like noodles. This dish’s look is enough to make your mouth water. The cold and sweet flavor mixed with toppings like pistachios, saffron, and rose water is a delight to have once in a lifetime. Being the first frozen dessert, it deserves to be on the Best Dessert list at Amritsar.

10. Kadai Wala Doodh:

Kadai Wala Doodh, sweet winter drink in Amritsar

Kadai Wala Doodh is the most comforting warm dessert to have on the winter nights of Amritsar. It is a famous Local Street Drink in Amritsar that is sure to make you want to have another glass. It is simmered with various ingredients like almonds, saffron, and cardamom in a traditional Wok known as Kadhai. This hot drink is more than worthy of being on the list of the Best Desserts in Amritsar.

11. Fruit Cream:

Fruit Cream, fruit dessert to eat in Amritsar

Refresh your body with Fruit Cream, a delightful dessert blending fresh fruits, cream, and nuts. Its light and airy texture fulfills sweet cravings without feeling heavy. In the street foods of Amritsar, you’ll find unique variations of Fruit Cream, showcasing why this is on the Best Dessert In Amritsar list.

12. Mithai:

Petha, cheapest dessert

On number 12, we have the Mithai. This is a mixture of traditional sweets like Barfi, Rasgulla, and pedha. Each sweetener offers a different flavor, aroma, and texture, which you must have since all of these are among the best street foods in Amritsar. Every shop in the local food market sells them, and they are sure to give you an alluring feeling. Thus, they are on the Best Desserts list in the Amritsar.

13. Gulab Jamun:

Gulab Jamun, Sweet dis to try near golden temple

Savour the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of Gulab Jamun, a classic Indian dessert crafted from milk solids. Its soft, spongy texture, paired with sugar syrup infused with rose water and cardamom, will give you an unforgettable experience. This sweet dish can be eaten regardless of the occasion, time, or day. It is truly a unique sweet dish and certainly earns its place on the Best Desserts list in Amritsar.

14. Halwa:

Most eatable dessert in Punjab

Finish the Journey of Street Food in Amritsar with Halwa, an iconic Indian dessert enjoyed in various regional variations. It has semolina to carrots or moong dal, and each version of Halwa offers vibrant flavors describing Amritsar’s culture. Gajar ka Halwa is a nationally accredited sweet dish, so it deserves to be one of the Best Desserts in Amritsar.

15. Gur ka Halwa:

Gur Ka Halwa, Cheapest Desserts of Punjabi's

This traditional Amritsari Dessert is made from Jaggery (gur), wheat flour, ghee, and nuts. This sweet treat is popular during festivals and celebrations. The Jaggery gives a distinct caramel flavor, while the nuts add a crunch. Gur ka halwa is enjoyed warm and hot, making it a comforting and irresistible dessert choice. This Gur ka Halwa is the last but not the least dish on the Best Dessert in Amritsar list. 

If you are a foodie, then I can bet that the above mouth-watering sweet dishes of Amritsar really made your mouth watery. If you really want to taste these heavenly desserts, then you must visit Amritsar once. After tasting these desserts, you will never forget about the food of Amritsar and visit here again and again. To explore some fantastic places from where you can try these desserts, you can also book our Food Tour of Amritsar. On this tour, you will find some amazing food like Amritsari Kulcha, Amritsari Lassi, Kulfa, Tikki, and many more. So let’s see you in Amritsar soon!

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