Famous Food in Amritsar You Ought to Try 

Famous Food in Amritsar You Ought to Try 

famous food in amritsar

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Before we talk about the famous food in Amritsar, let me tell you that this holy city is unofficially the culinary capital of India. A famous quote by M.F.K. Fisher, “First we eat, then we do everything else,” is perfectly true in the case of Punjabis. Believe me…Punjabis are true gourmets.

The biggest attraction in Amritsar, next to the Golden Temple, is its famous, hearty food. The importance of food in Amritsar cannot be overemphasized. Every activity, whether prayers, celebrating festivals, or socializing, involves delicious food.

No place can match the taste and quality of the famous food you can get in Amritsar. Be it the softness of kulcha, dripping hot jalebis, rich lassi, or juicy fish tikkas, every item is prepared on the spot, in front of your eyes, and is entirely fresh This article will take you on the culinary tour of Amritsar, and at the end of it; you’ll be familiar with the famous food you need to try next time you visit in Amritsar.

Amritsari Kulcha

Amritsari kulcha tops the list of the famous food in Amritsar. As the name suggests, Amritsar is home to the world-famous kulcha naan. The refined flour roti is filled with a potato and masala mixture. Then, it is baked in the tandoor until golden crispy. Then, this hot and flaky bread is topped with a generous amount of desi ghee or butter. Besides potato, there are other choices of filling, too, like cauliflower and cottage cheese. Accompanied with chole, chutneys, sliced onions, and raita it makes for an irresistible option for breakfast. You have missed the essence of the famous food of Amritsar if you do not try this mouth-watering Amritsari kulcha. You can easily find this kulcha naan at many spots in Amritsar, but Kulcha Land is one of the best and is serving kulcha naan before partition.


Amritsari Lassi of Gian Di Lassi

Food in Amritsar can never be complete without a glass of Lassi. This makes it the best thing to drink in Amritsar. The famous Amritsari Lassi is made by churning yoghourt with sugar in it and is topped with a layer of cream which gives it the required richness. You can find this lassi being offered in many places. But hands down, the Gian di Lassi offers the best original thick lassi.

Guru Da Langar

guru ka langar(golden temple Amritsar)

The Golden Temple kitchen is the largest community kitchen in the world. Here, any person, irrespective of his caste, creed, gender, or status, can satisfy his hunger without spending a single penny. The volunteers here cook a simple meal comprising roti, dal, sabzi, and kheer. Though simple, the meal is extremely nourishing and delicious. This kitchen serves over one lakh devotees every day. Also, don’t miss out on the Karah Prasad. Prasad is a blessing given in temples and gurudwaras. Karah is a pudding made by roasting whole wheat flour in loads of ghee and then adding sugar syrup. This is truly a blessing for your taste buds.

Butter chicken

Butter Chicken (Beera Chicken House Amritsar)

The famous food of Amritsar is not limited to kulcha and lassi only. Butter chicken would be a perfect treat for all my non-vegetarian friends. The dish is not only heavy in calories; it is heavy in flavors too. The chicken is marinated in thick, spiced yogurt, which makes it juicy and tender. These chicken pieces are added to a creamy sauce that is out of this world. The gravy has loads of butter, and adding cream gives the sauce a silky smooth texture. Paired with butter naans, you will be experiencing a heavenly bliss. You can visit Beera Chicken House on Majitha Road for the best non-vegetarian food in Amritsar.

Jalebi and Gulab Jamun

Amritsari Jalebi and Gulab Jamun (Gurdas Ram Jalebi Wala Amritsar)

Gurdas Ram Jalebi Wala at Katra Ahluwalia has only these things on its menu, and it offers the best of both these delicacies. Jalebi is a famous deep-fried dessert that is soaked in sugar syrup. The mere sight of those crispy and piping hot jalebis, freshly made in front of you will be enough to arouse your taste buds. As the name suggests, Gulab means rose, and Jamun refers to berry. So gulab jamuns are soft, berry-sized balls dipped in rose-flavored sugar syrup. It is a classic Indian sweet made using khoya or milk solids, rose water, and sugar syrup. This famous food item is a must-try when you are in Amritsar.


Amritsari Soya Chaap with rumali roti

Now, this food is very unique to Amritsar. Even in India, there are many cities where people have never heard of this absolute delight. This makes chaap one of the most famous foods in Amritsar. Small pieces of soya chaap are marinated in a mixture of hung curd, spices, ginger, garlic, some cream, and lemon juice. Then, these are roasted on the flames of burning coal directly. Again some spices and cream are added to it so that you get the juiciest feast on your plate. Take a bite, and you will experience a burst of flavors in your mouth. You will come across many street vendors offering this famous food item in Amritsar.

Amritsari Machi (fish)

Amritsari Fish ( Makhan Fish and Chicken Corner Amritsar)

The most desired non-vegetarian local food of Amritsar is Amritsari Machli. In this dish, the fish is marinated in a batter of besan (gram flour), spices, and deep-fried, giving it a golden crust. Crispy from the outside and melt-in-mouth from the inside, these fish pakodas, when served with different sauces, will touch your soul if you are a hardcore non-vegetarian. Makhan Fish and Chicken Corner on Majitha Road will serve you the best fish in town.

Makki di Roti and Sarson da Saag

makki di roti sarso da saag (kesar da dhabba Amritsar)

This is undoubtedly the most famous food item of the traditional Amritsari cuisine. A popular winter specialty, Sarson da saag is made of fresh mustard leaves and loads of ghee. Saag is served with buttery corn flour rotis, known as Makki di Roti. The place is located in a very narrow lane, but don’t worry, the heavenly smell of desi ghee and “dal makhani” will be enough to give you the directions. Honestly, the place is not a visual treat, but the flavors will leave you completely bounded. You can visit Kesar Ka Dhaba to have this hearty meal, which is a 10-minute walk from the Golden Temple.


Amritsari Kulfa (A-One Kulfa Amritsar)

If you have heard of kulfi, then think of Kulfa as its better version. This sweet heaven is a combination of many delightful ingredients. Starting with a layer of phirni, there is a kulfi. On this kulfi, there is an assortment of rabri, falooda, and some crushed ice. Finally, it is topped with some gund (edible gum) and a dash of rose syrup. A-One Kulfa near Crystal Chownk serves this famous sweet art, among many others.

Mathi Chole

Mathi Chole (Hansraj Chole Wala Amritsar)

Another savory dish of Amritsar, which you can hardly find anywhere else, is the famous Mathi chole. Made of refined flour, it is deep-fried in ghee until crispy in texture. It is a very famous food item in India. But only in Amritsar will you find it served with hot and saucy chickpea curry. The two are a perfect match for each other. Hansraj Chole Wala at Basant Nagar serves Amritsar’s tastiest and cheapest mathi chole.

This was our list of the famous food to gorge on in Amritsar. If you enjoy North Indian cuisine, you will undoubtedly relish every bite of Amritsari food. Many other places also offer north Indian cuisine, but no place can match the originality, richness, and authenticity of the famous food of Amritsar. 

And if you have never tried Amritsari or North Indian food, plan your next trip to this holy city and prepare for the most unique culinary adventure.

Comment down your favourite food item in Amritsar and share this article with your foodie friends keen to travel and explore.

You can also book our Food tour to explore the authentic taste of Amritsar. Our Storyteller will help you to understand the local food culture and tell you exciting stories, fun facts & recipes behind every dish.


What is a typical Punjabi breakfast?

Well, if we talk about typical Punjabi breakfast then how to forget to add Kulche Chole in it? It is a popular Punjabi breakfast where kulcha is prepared in Tandoor, eaten with Chole, and eaten with some chutney and spices. If you at least once want to have an Amritsar food tour, then you must not forget to tick mark Kulche chole from your list. Some other foods in Amritsar that are loved by Amritsari people are Aloo Parathas and Chole Bhature. If you have decided to have an Amritsar food tour at least once, we must tell you that the list does not end here, and you can explore some more crazy Amritsari food options in a city with Walk and Explore.

What is the best traditional Sikh food?

Traditional Sikh cuisines are probably one of the most enriching cuisines. The number one position in the list is held by Langar. Langar is one of the most revolutionary practices started by Sikh gurus. The food is free of cost for people of all caste, color, creed, race, gender, etc. Langar mostly includes dal, roti, rice, and kheer. One of the most fascinating things that you will find about Sikh tradition is the Langar custom. We must tell you another traditional Sikh food is Makki ki Roti and sarson ka saag. The roti is prepared from maize flour and fresh mustard leaves. Your food tour in Amritsar is incomplete without it.

What exactly is Amritsari fish?

Amritsari fish is Amritsar’s other specialty. Its uniqueness lies in the unique spices used to prepare it. It is made using gram flour also known as besan. It is deep-fried and makes use of spices like turmeric, coriander powder, and some other warming spices. The dish is served with some green mint chutney and by squeezing some lemon juice over it. To make your food tour experience better in Amritsar, you can book us.

Tell me about Amritsari street food

If you are planning to visit Amritsar, do not forget to miss out on the fascinating atmosphere of Amritsar streets. Food in Amritsar has its own unique story to it. The streets especially, the Golden Temple, get some crazy love from people. You will love the variety of food ranging from Amritsari Kulche Chole, Papdi chaat. Some other food items that you include in the Amritsari food tour are Nutri Kulcha, Mathi Chole, etc. If you are passionate about exploring the foods of Amritsar better and want to have a wonderful experience visiting Amritsar, you can book us now!

Tell me about Amritsari Chana

Channa also known as chickpeas is very commonly served with various foods in Amritsar. Channa is served with Tandoori Kulcha, Mathi Chole, Bhjja Kulcha. The amazing fact is that Bhija Kulcha is also one of the most loved foods of Amritsari people that must be included in your Amritsar food tour. In this, the Kucha is dipped in Channa and gives you wonderful flavor. Although Channa is used with several foods of Amritsar, each Channa serving has its taste, flavor, and story behind it. Book our food tour now to taste authentic Amritsari food.

What are some popular non-vegetarian dishes in Amritsar?

Some popular nonvegetarian dishes that are a must include in the food of Amritsar are chicken Tikka, butter chicken, the very famous Amritsari fry fish, and tandoori chicken.

Name some famous vegetarian dishes in Amritsar.

Although Amritsari food satisfies the taste palate of veg cuisines lovers, you will be happy to know that there is a lot in the market for vegetarian lovers to explore as well. It includes food items like Kulche Chole, Sarson da saag and maki Di Roti, dal makhani, shahi paneer, Kadhi Pakora, paneer tikka, Amritsari lassi and the list of delicious food in Amritsar goes on.

Which sweet is famous in Amritsar?

Do you also often find great places to please your sweet tooth? Worry not! Because Amritsar has a large space for you too. The food of Amritsar has a wide variety of sweets. Amritsari Kulfa and Jalebi are the most famous. Do not forget to try it out on the Amritsar food tour.

What is the best dish in Amritsar?

Amritsari Kulche Chole is one of the best dishes in Amritsar and is a must-try if you are planning to have a food tour in Amritsar.

What time is Langar at Golden Temple?

Langar is the serving of free food and is a holy custom started by Sikh gurus. You might find it surprising to know that Langar is served all day 24*7. It is a sign of equality among human beings and can be eaten by anyone.

How much does Langar cost?

To your surprise, langar is served free of cost to lakhs of visitors and tourists every single day. Isn’t it amazing? Apart from the delicious street food of Amritsar. This is another great specialty of the Golden Temple of Amritsar that you will never forget.

Which snack is most famous in Punjab?

Samosa is a mouth-watering snack of Punjab. You will love this snack which is filled with mashed potatoes, and some spices, covered with a layer of Maida in a triangular shape, deep fried, and served with delicious chutney. Your Amritsar food tour is incomplete without these yummy snacks.

What is the most famous drink in Punjab?

Lassi is one of the most famous drinks in Punjab. Once you try it, you will have a refreshing experience. It is prepared with yogurt, sugar, water, ice cubes, and flavors like rose and saffron. It is drunk mostly during the summer season. Do not forget to try it out while you are on your way to make the Amritsar food tour more memorable.

Who can eat the Langar?

We must tell you that Langar not only in golden temples but in Gurdwaras around the globe is served to people irrespective of their caste, creed, color, gender, and race. Langar was started by the very first guru of the Sikh religion. It is being served while everyone is seated on the floor. You can book our Amritsari food tour now to know and experience Amritsari culture even better.


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